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"You can't always/just throw a map at a problem"

or the Map Mayhem

We see maps everyday, showing data at different levels, that tell stories of war, economy, bureaucracy, success, and corruption. There are maps being made for every reason but some of them lack the point, they misrepresent information, they lie, they undermine action or they fail to engage the audience.

This project is not to foster cynicism or skepticism but to encourage a healthy critical perspective on visualising information on maps. We are hoping to collect and discuss some ways to avoid maps mayhem as well.

Many Ways

1. Misrepresentation of data.

1.1 Trap Streets

2. Political Strategy

3. Distraction.

4. Self Promotion.

  • This article in Wired talks about Map Kibera, but stresses on the point that the map was made a company called Spatial Collective. On the ground, it was not Spatial Collective but Map Kibera's volunteers making the map.

5. Mathematical challenges.

6. The GPS is vulnerable.

7. Maps are great, but what’s next?

Reading List

  1. Ground Truth: The Social Implications of Geographic Information Systems
  2. How to Lie with Maps
  3. When Maps Shouldn’t be Maps
  4. Political Maps

Laundry List