Talk about participatory mapping - why, how and thereafter.
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Exploring GIS Technologies for Participatory Mapping

Sumandro C and Sajjad A


  1. What is GIS? <4 minutes>
  2. What/Why of Participatory mapping - <4 minutes>
    • Traditional/historical/administrative map production and use + bureaucracy
    • Crowd-sourcing
    • Ownership -- OSM/Google -- Free/Closed.
    • People power - knowledge about neighbourhood/locality.
    • Sharability [connected to ownership] - Freedoms?
    • Spatial Data recording rights? Access/reach. but is it necessarily legally acceptable? -
  3. OpenStreetMap and applications <5 minutes>
  4. Tools <8 minutes> Collect

Questions for audience:

  1. What is the kind of data you want to work with?
  2. For what purpose?
  3. To be shared with which audience?
  4. What does sharing the data mean for the subjects of the data (the people who are affected by the data?