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groundwater hydrology and GRACE

Geohackweek projects

This folder contains information on existing and proposed geohackweek projects.

Project Name slack channel
alpine hydrology #alpinehydrology
groundwater hydrology and GRACE #ohwell
landslides #landslides
Glacier mass balance #stereohack
Iceflow #iceflow
Data Visualization #dataviz
Time Series Analysis #timeserieshack
urban modeling #urbanhack
renewable prospect #renewableprospect

Project guidelines

Each project requires a brief project summary in the of each project folder. Here is a template for the project summary. You can view existing projects to see examples.

Project Title

Brief title describing the proposed work.

Collaborators on this project

List all participants on the project. Choose one team member to act as project lead, and identify one geohack organizer as the data science lead.

The problem

What geospatial problem are you going to explore? Provide a few sentences. If this is a technical exploration of software or data science methods, explain why this work is important in a broader context.

Application Example

List one specific application of this work.

Sample data

If you already have some data to explore, briefly describe it here (size, format, how to access).

Specific Questions

List the specific tasks you want to accomplish or research questions you want to answer.

Existing methods

How would you or others traditionally try to address this problem?

Proposed methods/tools

Building from what you learn at geohackweek, what new approaches would you like to try to implement?

Background reading

Optional: links to manuscripts or technical documents for more in-depth analysis.