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Lesson template for hackweeks

How to use this template:

  1. Go to the Github Importer. In the top text box paste the url of this repo. In the bottom part choose your own user account and owner, then enter the name of the lesson/repository that you wish to create.

  2. Change the following variables in the _config.yml file:

    • title
    • repo
    • root
    • email
    • start_time : this is the start time in minutes since midnight. For example, 9 AM is 540 (60 * 9).
  3. Edit the content in the _episodes folder, adding images (into assets/img), code (into code), data (into data) as needed. Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Sections should be named,, etc to be ordered in the schedule.
  • Edit the headers of each of your sections. Editing the duration of both teaching and exercises
  • Add coffee breaks into the lesson. This keeps the timing of each section accurate.

NOTE: If you have Jekyll installed, you can preview your edits locally:

jekyll serve --config _config.yml,_config_dev.yml
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