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Canadian Historical GIS Partnership repository for Historical Atlas of Canada Census Division population maps.

The Canadian Historical GIS Partnership Development project is developing web-mapping pilot projects for several collaborating organizations, using a variety of data sets. For more information see project website at
This repository holds code for the Open Source versions of the pilot projects for the Historical Atlas of Canada Online Learning Project. For more information see our project blog post at

The web-mapping pilot project chosen from the Historical Atlas content are the 3 map series showing Population Growth, Density, and Distribution for Canada by Census Division over the time period 1851-1961. These maps were originally published online as part of the Historical Atlas Online as the chapter Summary of Population Growth, 1851-1961.

The re-designed maps in this site use a time-line slider to display changes in population more smoothly and easily than the original layer-checkbox design. This web-map was developed using Mapbox-GL and data-driven layers ( The Time slider was adapted from a generic jQuery slider ( tied to Mapbox GL layer to filter based on Census Division information and the YEAR attribute.

The project web-maps can be seen here:
The code is available in the repository:

For convenience, the code for different features developed for this project is also broken out into "template" files, also included in the repository:
Layer Filter Slider: Code used to filter a Mapbox GL layer using a jQuery slider (HACOLP_template_LayerFilter.html)
Legend template: Code used to generate a Legend semi-automatically from a Mapbox GL layer using a common array (HACOLP_template_Legend.html)


Canadian Historical GIS Partnership repository for Historical Atlas of Canada Census Division population maps.






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