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A distributed key value store in under 200 lines
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Fed up with the complexity of distributed filesystems?

minikeyvalue is a ~200 line (not including tests!) distributed key value store. Optimized for values between 1MB and 1GB. Inspired by SeaweedFS, but simple. Should scale to billions of files and petabytes of data.

Even if this code is crap, the on disk format is super simple! We rely on a filesystem for blob storage and a LevelDB for indexing. The index can be reconstructed with rebuild. Volumes can be added or removed with rebalance.


  • GET /key
    • 302 redirect to nginx volume server.
  • PUT /key
    • Blocks. 201 = written, anything else = probably not written.
  • DELETE /key
    • Blocks. 204 = deleted, anything else = probably not deleted.

Start Master Server (default port 3000)

# this is using the code in server.go
./master localhost:3001,localhost:3002 /tmp/indexdb/

Start Volume Servers (default port 3001)

# this is just nginx under the hood
PORT=3001 ./volume /tmp/volume1/
PORT=3002 ./volume /tmp/volume2/


# put "bigswag" in key "wehave"
curl -v -L -X PUT -d bigswag localhost:3000/wehave

# get key "wehave" (should be "bigswag")
curl -v -L localhost:3000/wehave

# delete key "wehave"
curl -v -L -X DELETE localhost:3000/wehave

# list keys starting with "we"
curl -v -L localhost:3000/we?list

Rebalancing (to change the amount of volume servers)

# must shut down master first, since LevelDB can only be accessed by one process
go run rebalance.go lib.go localhost:3001,localhost:3002 /tmp/indexdb/

Rebuilding (to regenerate the LevelDB)

go run rebuild.go lib.go localhost:3001,localhost:3002 /tmp/indexdbalt/


# Fetching non-existent key: 116338 req/sec
wrk -t2 -c100 -d10s http://localhost:3000/key

# go run thrasher.go lib.go
starting thrasher
10000 write/read/delete in 2.620922675s
thats 3815.40/sec
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