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Adding social aspects to maps
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AnnotationNation_!_ is a demonstration application built by FortiusOne at our 2010 developer retreat. It is an example of realtime visualization and collaboration.


You’ve found this README, so you probably already have the code. In case you don’t, you can get it from the Github repository:

git clone


  • EventMachine
  • RabbitMQ
  • Thin (web server)
  • Sinatra
  • GeoIQ
  • DataMapper


Add RubyGems to your gem sources if you don’t have it:

gem sources -a

Then install the following gems:

sudo gem install em-websocket uuid amqp thin dm-core dm-migrations

GeoIQ Ruby gem

  1. git clone
  2. cd geoiq-ruby
  3. bundle install
  4. sudo rake install


RabbitMQ is used as the message queue. You will have to install it. Follow the directions at

Running AnnotationNation!

The following are three (3) seperate servers to startup

RabbitMQ server

~/rabbitmq $ sudo scripts/rabbitmq-server

GeoIQ data server

Start the dataserver and include the GeoIQ dataset id, the update rate in seconds, and the name of the timestamp attribute.

~/annotation_nation $ ruby dataserver.rb 1 5 time_attribute

Web server

~/annotation_nation $ ruby sinatra/annote/annote.rb http://geoiq.local

Finally, visit http://localhost:3000/article/MAP_ID

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