Ruby Library for interfacing with GeoCommons/GeoIQ.
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Ruby API Wrapper around the GeoIQ and GeoCommons API

This is a ruby gem library that wraps around the Geocommons and GeoIQ REST API.


You can search for datasets, and maps.

Upload new datasets from a CSV file and edit existing ones.

Get the features of a dataset and filter them according to a number of parameters, for example, by bounding box, or by attribute.

Create, edit and update maps with layers

Note: That some simple requests will work without a valid username and password.

Some examples

@geoiq = Geoiq.client("", "user", "password")

# get dataset and features
dataset = geoiq.dataset.find(1348)
features = dataset.features

# get the geometries in non hexwkb 
features = dataset.features({:hex_geometry => 0})

# get features with a custom filter
filtered_features = @dataset.features({"filter[PERIMETER][][max]" => 0.3})
bbox_filtered_features = @dataset.features({:bbox => '-87.2,33.4,-75.9,38.4'})

# Search"points", {:bbox => '-87.2,33.4,-75.9,38.4', :limit=> 10})"tag:economics")

# Edit dataset
@dataset.update(:title => "Garden Scultures", :description => "lovely jubbly")

# Upload CSV
csv_file = 'data/sculptures.csv'
@dataset = @geoiq.dataset.csv_upload(csv_file, {:title =>"garden sculptures"})

# Upload SHP
@dataset = @geoiq.dataset.shp_upload("data/simple.shp", "data/simple.dbf", "data/simple.shx")

# Upload by URL (type = csv,kml,rss,wms,tile)
@dataset = @geoiq.dataset.url_upload("", {:type => "csv"})

# Add WMS server by URL
@geoiq.dataset.url_upload("", {:type=>"wms", :title=>"VMAP FOR THE WMS WIN"})

# Create a new map
map = => "my empty map")
@geoiq_map = map.create

#get a map and it's layers
@map =
layer_titles ={ |l| l['title']}

#add a dataset to a map as a new layer

#deleting map or dataset

# Run a simple analysis
@geoiq.analysis.create({:calculation => "intersect", :ds1 => 2288, :ds2 => 2284 })

@geoiq.analysis.create({:calculation => "buffer", :ds1 => 2288, :distance => 50, :units => 'km'})

See the tests, and the API doc for some more, and remember to change the URL to point to your GeoIQ instance, usually :)

Getting Started

To package the gem:

rake gem              # Build the gem file into pkg/geoiq-0.0.1.gem

To install the gem

sudo rake gem:install      # Installs the gem


The gem needs httparty and json gems. If you want to run the tests, you would need shoulda, fakeweb and geo_ruby

Further examples can be found in the tests


Coming soon:

Addition of error and response handling, more analysis


Add an issue on the github page