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Compatibility: Python 3.5


This program calculates the pixel resolution and instanteous field of view for a camera from an input file provided by the user. The file nees to be a comma-delimited text file (*.CSV) with a header row:



  • Name is camera name
  • focal is the focal length of camera (mm)
  • sensor_x is the sensor's long dimension (mm)
  • sensor_y is the sensor's short dimension (mm)
  • pixel_x is the number of pixels along the long dimension
  • pixel_y is the number of pixels along the short dimension
  • flyH is the flying height/altitude of the camera
  • angle is the off-nadir angle of the camera (0 = nadir, 90 = horizontal)

*the software will only work for low-oblique images (i.e. no horizon visable) and will spit out a error if the off-nadir angle puts the top part of the verical field of view over the horizon.

To Run:

  • Run the software from a Python shell or editor
    • A file chooser will pop-up (it may try to hide)
  • Choose your CSV file
  • The program will run and create a formated text file with the output in the same location as the input file. The name will be the same with the suffix '_resolution'