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A SproutCore app to test the functionality of the OrionNodeRiak DataSource

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NOTE: This app was retired, with a rename to ThothApp, coinciding with the renaming of OrionNodeRiak to Thoth.

This app tests OrionNodeRiak.

It requires adding the following method to your sproutcore/runtime/mixins/observable.js

addFiniteObserver: function(key, target, method, context){

 // normalize.  if a function is passed to target, make it the method.
 if (method === undefined) {
   method = target; target = this ;
 if (!target) target = this ;

 if (typeof method === "string") method = target[method] ;
 if (!method) throw "You must pass a method to addObserver()" ;

 var me = this; // replace by context?
 var f = function() {
   var val = me.get(key);
   var ret =,val);
   console.log("addFiniteObserver function called: val = " + val + " and ret = " + ret);
     me.removeObserver(key, me, f);

this.addObserver(key, this, f); },

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