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Kivy - Documentation

You can access the API documentation on web :
  * last released version :

How to build the documentation

You need to install :

  * Python Sphinx
    - Where apt-get is available :
          apt-get install python-sphinx
    - On Windows :
          Get pip ( You'll use it to install the dependencies.
          To install pip, do python install in the pip directory.
          Now do :
          pip install sphinx
          pip install blockdiag
          pip install sphinxcontrib-blockdiag
          pip install seqdiag
          pip install sphinxcontrib-seqdiag
          pip install actdiag
          pip install sphinxcontrib-actdiag
          pip install nwdiag
          pip install sphinxcontrib-nwdiag

  * Latest kivy

Generate documentation using make::
  make html

Documentation will be accessible in build/html/

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