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Raw revision proposal fodder

In no particular order, here are topics for the 1.1 discussion (please add):

  • Addition of circle and ellipse geometries: yes? how?
  • Arcs: Canvas can draw them, should GeoJSON be able to carry them? how?
  • Coordinate values of M and beyond: More specification or not?
  • Polygon orientation: yes? how?
  • Coordinate reference systems: OGC now recommends http: URIs over URNs, update the spec?
  • Format for empties (empty point, empty polygon, etc).
  • time dimension, e.g. create_time and expire_time information (also check jcothran below)
  • Grouping features in feature collections, e.g. for separate layers inside a FeatureCollection
  • Adding media to geojson features, e.g. pictures, videos and other
  • Standardized way to add sub components like activity streams to GeoJSON or/and a standard way to add GeoJSON as a sub component to another JSON specifications, e.g. opensocial specifications, json activity streams specifications etc.
  • Test suite - can we define a set of tests for parser conformance?

jcothran - use case - encoding a collection of periodic recent sensor observations from a fixed or moving platform

examples -

  • time association(ISO8601)
  • time-series as associated with observation type and unit of measurement support - or time/value associated arrays
  • association between collection of sensors-time/value pairs and platform
  • Alternate geometry format encodings: EWKT, EWKB, Encoded Polyline (ajturner), Protocol buffers (hobu)
  • Pagination recommendations - for subsets of a FeatureCollection that are sorted, limited & paginated (ajturner)

Links to solid proposal wiki pages

Proposed Ellipse/Circle geometry additions

Proposed Optional Data Series property

Accepted proposals for 1.1

(None yet)