create section in github for geoloqi for issues that apply to all mobile clients #7

faddah opened this Issue Sep 14, 2010 · 0 comments

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in addition to the separate sections for palm, android, iPhone, mobile web, etc. there should also be a section for features/bugs/issues that pertain to all the mobile clients. for instance, the feature request issue i just filed under iPhone for including OpenID in the initial sign-up/OAuth screens, should be for all mobile clients and would be filed in that github section for geoloqi, if such a section existed. also, this issue itself should actually be filed under all mobile client issues, not just iPhone, if such a section existed (although that would be a rather confusingly recursive request, as you would be requesting the addition of the section in the section that already existed).

this is primarily because the geoloqi wiki feature spec has a specific section containing features & spec for all the mobile clients —>

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