Simple, flexible, lightweight, thread-safe interface to the Geoloqi API
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Geoloqi Library for Ruby

Powerful, flexible, lightweight interface to the Geoloqi Platform API.

This library was developed with two goals in mind: to be as simple as possible, but also to be very powerful to allow for much higher-end development (multiple Geoloqi apps per instance, concurrency, performance, thread-safety).


gem install geoloqi

##Basic Usage Retrieve the client ID, client secret and application access token from your Geoloqi Applications page on the Geoloqi Developers Site.

Then you can use Geoloqi::Session to do things like create triggers:

require "geoloqi"

geoloqi_session ={
  :config       => {
    :client_id     => "YOUR CLIENT ID",
    :client_secret => "YOUR CLIENT SECRET",

result ="trigger/create", {
  :key        =>  "powells_books",
  :type       =>  "message",
  :latitude   =>  45.523334,
  :longitude  =>  -122.681612,
  :radius     =>  150,
  :text       =>  "Welcome to Powell's Books!",
  :place_name => "Powell's Books"

Which returns a hash with the following:

  :trigger_id    => "2sSW",
  :place_id      => "2Urq",
  :key           => "powells_books",
  :type          => "message",
  :trigger_on    => "enter",
  :trigger_after => 0,
  :one_time      => 0,
  :text          => "Welcome to Powell's Books!",
  :extra         => {},
  :place         => {
    :place_id     => "2Urq",
    :name         => "Powell's Books",
    :latitude     => 45.523334,
    :longitude    => -122.681612,
    :radius       => 150,
    :display_name => "Powell's Books",
    :active       => 1,
    :extra        => {},
    :description  => ""

##Hashie::Mash support Want to access in a more OOP/JSON style way? Use Hashie::Mash as the response object:

require 'hashie'
require 'geoloqi'
geoloqi = :access_token => 'YOUR ACCESS TOKEN GOES HERE', :config => {:use_hashie_mash => true}
response = geoloqi.get 'layer/info/Gx'
response.layer_id    # this works
response['layer_id'] # this works too
response[:layer_id]  # so does this

##Making requests on behalf of the application Some actions (such as "user/create") require escalated privileges. To use these, call app_get and app_post:

geoloqi.app_post 'user/create_anon'

API Documentation

The API has been extensively documented on our developers site.

RDoc/YARD Documentation

The code has been fully documented, and the latest version is always available at the Rubydoc Site.

Running the Tests

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake

In addition to a full test suite, there is Travis integration for 1.8, 1.9, JRuby and Rubinius.

##Found a bug? Let us know! Send a pull request or a patch. Questions? Ask! We're here to help. File issues, we'll respond to them!


  • Kyle Drake
  • Aaron Parecki