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Hammer GWT

GWT library that provides multi touch and gestures support through Hammer js

Getting Started

Look into gwt panels sample to get familiar with the syntax of Hammer Gwt

Inherit Hammer GTW module
<module rename-to="myGWTapp">

    <inherits name="" />

    <!-- Hammer GWT module  -->
    <inherits name="org.geomajas.hammergwt.HammerGWT" />

    <source path="client" />
Register hammer events to existing GWT widget
SimplePanel myWidget = new SimplePanel();

HammerTime hammerTime = HammerGWT.create(myWidget);

// add hammer generic hammer handler
// Note that only tap and drag event are handled here
NativeHammmerHandler hammerHandler = HammerGWT.on(hammerTime, new HammerHandler() {
    public void onHammerEvent(NativeHammerEvent event) {

        Element target = event.getTarget();

        switch (event.getType()) {
            case TAP:
                //do something on tap
            case DRAG:
                //do something on drag

}, EventType.TAP, EventType.DRAG);

Unregister hammer events
//remove drag event of previously created HammerTime instance, EventType.DRAG, hammerHandler);
Change initial setting of hammer GWT
HammerTime hammerTime = HammerGWT.create(myWidget);

		// Set hammer GWT options
		hammerTime.setOption(GestureOptions.HOLD_TIMEOUT, 2);
		// disable drag event detection of hammer GWT
		hammerTime.setOption(GestureOptions.DRAG, false);
Create Hammer GWT widget
// to create hammer GWT widget you should  extend HammerWidget class
class HammerGWTExampleWidget extends HammerWidget {

		public HammerGWTExampleWidget() {

		public Widget createWidget() {
		    //create GWT widget
			SimplePanel panel = new SimplePanel();
			panel.setSize("100px", "200px");

			return panel;

// create instance of hammer GWT widget

HammerGWTExampleWidget myHammerWidget = new HammerGWTExampleWidget();

//register tap handler
myHammerWidget.registerTapHandler(new HammerTapHandler() {
			public void onTap(NativeHammerEvent event) {
				//do something on tap

//unregister tap handler
Build hammer GWT project

Hammer GWT is maven modular project. It consists of 3 projects:

  • Implementation project - hammer GWT wrapper implementation.

  • Example project - example code how to use hammer GWT .

  • Documentation project - documentation of hammer GWT.

To build the project you just need maven, the rest is all set up for you.

After you cloned hammer GWT from github go to the parent project and type

mvn clean install;

Start the example project

Go to the root of example project and type

mvn jetty:run

See also Hammer js documentation


GWT wrapper for hammer JS




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