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geomatics I/O


  1. Sort, filter and aggregate lists of business objects without all the boring code! This library provides a powerful "view" approach to data binding .NET objects to user interface controls.

    C# 16 5

  2. ObjectListView is a .NET ListView wired on caffeine, guarana and steroids. More calmly, it is a C# wrapper around a .NET ListView, which makes the ListView much easier to use and teaches it lots of…

    C# 45 26

  3. Forked from nhibernate/NHibernate.JetDriver

    The Jet Driver and Dialect for NHibernate.

    C# 1

  4. Forked from mgernand/NHibernate.Logging

    NHibernate Logging Providers


  5. boilerpipe provides algorithms to detect and remove the surplus "clutter" (boilerplate, templates) around the main textual content of a web page.


  6. NLog.Targets.Sentry Public archive

    Forked from bjarneriis/NLog.Targets.Sentry

    NLog Sentry is a custom target for NLog enabling you to send logging messages to the Sentry logging service.




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