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" Vim syntax file
" ESYS documents
if exists("b:current_syntax")
syn keyword esysTodo TODO FIXME XXX NOTE
syn match esysSection '^=.*$'
syn match esysSubSection '^*.*$'
syn match esysHostShell '\s*dev.*#.*$'
syn match esysDeviceShell '\s*host.*#.*$'
syn match esysToolShell '^\s*GDB>.*$'
syn match esysToolShell '^\s*UBoot>.*$'
hi def link esysTodo Todo
hi def link esysSection Statement
hi def link esysSubSection Type
hi def link esysHostShell Constant
hi def link esysDeviceShell Comment
hi def link esysToolShell PreProc
let b:current_syntax = "esys"
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