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==== How to create jffs2 image from directory structure.
Here we provide guidelines which are suitable for beagleboard (endianness,
block size and other settings), but it can be easily tweaked for any other
* Suppose that we have prepared rootfs directory structure located in rootfs directory.
* If you use debian you will need the following packages:
host# sudo aptitude install mtd-tools mtd-utils
* Use mkfs.jffs2 to create jffs2 image
host# mkfs.jffs2 -lnp -e 0x20000 -s 2048 -d ./rootfs -o image.jffs2
options stand for:
-r, -d, --root=DIR
Build file system from directory DIR. The default is the current
-o, --output=FILE
Write JFFS2 image to file FILE. Default is the standard output.
-l, --little-endian
create little-endian jffs2 image
-n, --no-cleanmarkers
Do not write ´CLEANMARKER´ nodes to the beginning of each erase block.
This option can be useful for creating JFFS2 images for use on
NAND flash, and for creating images which are to be used on a variety
of hardware with differing erase‐block sizes
-p, --pad[=SIZE]
Pad output to SIZE bytes with 0xFF. If SIZE is not specified, the
output is padded to the end of the final erase block.
-e, --eraseblock=SIZE
Use erase block size SIZE. The default is 64 KiB. If you use a
erase block size different than the erase block size of the target MTD
device, JFFS2 may not perform optimally. If the SIZE specified is
below 4096, the units are assumed to be KiB.
-s, --pagesize=SIZE
Use page size SIZE. The default is 4 KiB. This size is the maximum
size of a data node.
==== How to burn jffs2 image to nand flash
* Figure out amount of eraseblocks:
dev# mtdinfo /dev/mtd2
Name: rootfs
Type: nand
Eraseblock size: 131072 bytes, 128.0 KiB
Amount of eraseblocks: 4075 (534118400 bytes, 509.4 MiB)
Minimum input/output unit size: 2048 bytes
Sub-page size: 512 bytes
OOB size: 64 bytes
Character device major/minor: 90:4
Bad blocks are allowed: true
Device is writable: true
* Cleanup nand partition
dev# flash_erase /dev/mtd2 0 4075
* Write new jffs2 image
dev# nandwrite -p -m /dev/mtd2 /path/to/image.jffs2
/* vim: set filetype=esys : */