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Geometa Lab at HSR University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil

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  1. Load, edit and save GeoCSV files in order to integrate with programs like LibreOffice/Excel or Kettle. A QGIS plugin (Python) by Geometa Lab. See also GeoCSV spec. (= CSV + WKT).

    Python 1 2

  2. OpenStreetMap Arbitrary Excerpt Export - Get the OpenStreetMap data you want in the file format you need

    HTML 21 4

  3. Web search engine for OpenStreetMap tags similar to taginfo but simpler.

    Python 17 2

  4. Vector Tiles Reader QGIS-Plugin - QGIS Python plugin which reads Mapbox Vector Tiles from a server, a local MBTiles file or a directory

    Python 129 25

  5. Programming Fiona in Python to convert geospatial file formats, like Shapefile to GeoPackage.

    Python 1 1

  6. Creating and programming of web maps and web apps with OpenStreetMap data and services.

    Jupyter Notebook 2


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