This is the repo for the Workshop on "QGIS Processing Framework: Automating Tasks with Python" at GeoPython 2018
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GeoPython Conference 2018

Processing Framework: Automating Tasks with Python

License of source code is GPL2, license of material is CC-BY-4.0 unless stated otherwise.

QGIS Processing Framework: Automating Tasks with Python

A QGIS workshop for the GeoPython Conference 2018

This repository contains a few folders for use in the GeoPython Conference 2018 and whomever is interested in learning about QGIS, its Processing Framework, as well as coding in Python.

This workshop talks about the history and conception of the Processing framework, how it ties in and became part of QGIS, as well as its features, advantages and limitations. The workshop then continues with an introduction to a workflow, how to complete tasks manually, and then moving into hands-on exercises that teaches participants progressively on how to complete certain tasks manually, and how to complete the same tasks with tools that Processing offers: Graphic Modeler, Script, Batch Processing, and more. The workshop also covers scripting (standalone from Processing), and as part of its bonus materials, method definitions and classes.

The workshop is created with beginners in mind, and welcomes both seasoned programmers and newcomers as it is progressive and broken into digestable parts.

Dataset folder contains the relevant sample data you require to perform your geospatial analysis in the workflow
Scripts folder contains the model scripts that you can reference as a guide and model to help you solve the task problems
Workflow folder contains the original workflow that we want to automate, in case you want to try out the tasks without Python, or if you are very new to GIS/programming and cannot keep up
Presentation Slides folder contains the presentation slides used during the workshop as well as the images shown on the slides

Help: In case you are stuck or lost, the folders also include a 'readme' file to guide you along.
Error: In case of error reporting or any other issues, feel free to contact me. Contact details as follow.
Contact: Kang Zi Jing, zkang[at]hsr[dot]ch