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How to Build for Android
1. Android SDK >= 1.6
2. Android NDK >= r4b
3. Apache Ant >= 1.7.0
4. (Windows-only) Cygwin >= 1.7
To build:
1. Create '' file containing sdk.dir && ndk.dir definitions:
sdk.dir=<path to the Android SDK folder>
ndk.dir=<path to the Android NDK folder>
E.g., on my computer '' consists of 2 lines:
2. If you use Linux or MacOS, just run 'ant package' and go to step 3. For debugging
purposes, you might want to run 'ant dbg' for building the package in debug mode, signing
with your debug key (in this case, you can skip step 3).
If you are Windows user
2a. Run ndk-build (a program from Android NDK directory) in your project catalog;
This program only runs from Cygwin >= 1.7, please read NDK docs for details.
Read and try config cygwin using 'cygwin_installation_and_configuration.pdf'
2b. Run 'ant release'.
3. Sign your package manually.
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