A prototype for easy creating FBReader (Android) OPDS plugins
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FBReader (Android) OPDS plugin prototype

This code represents a prototype of a simple OPDS plugin that implements 2 actions:

  • adds new OPDS catalog to the FBReader network library
  • creates new launcher item that opens your catalog for browsing


This code is in public domain

How to start

  1. Clone this code to your computer
  2. Run script generate_project.py script to create your project tree

Script required parameters:

  • -d DIR directory where to create the project
  • -p PACKAGE java package prefix, e.g.: com.mycatalog
  • -n NAME name for android launcher, e.g.: My Catalog
  • -u URL OPDS catalog URL, e.g.: http://mycatalog.com/opds.xml

Script optional parameter:

  • -i ICON PNG icon file for android launcher
  1. Create build.xml file for your project using android update project command, then build it using ant release OR use your preferred IDE to build the project
  2. The plugin is now ready. Enjoy!