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GeoMoose 3.0 Development
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This is the main repository for the new GeoMoose3 library/application. To learn more about GeoMoose visit the homepage.

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This Quickstart is intended for developers who are looking to delve into GeoMoose3 right away! We will have additional Getting Started guides once we have demo packages ready for download.

Click here for the Quickstart Guide


npm install
npm run build

Running Tests

npm test

Tests will skip the map unless canvas is installed. To perform a more complete test ensure node-canvas 1.x is installed

npm install canvas@~1.0.0


GeoMoose3 uses an MIT-style licence. You can read the contents of it here


GeoMoose is an OSGeo Project. To learn more about OSGeo and what that means, click the logo below. OSGeo Logo

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