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Dan "Ducky" Little edited this page Nov 30, 2017 · 5 revisions


Target Release: March 2018

  • Review Actions vs Services - Is there a cleaner workflow?
  • Editing via WFS-T.
    • Requires the ability to define schemas for features.
    • Would be nice to "replay" edits when the server cannot be reached.
    • We could provide an "advanced" (or desktop-like) editing environment. See for example, ole2 and blog post
  • Make better the codes:
    • Breakup more classes into more files, break down code to be more testable.
    • Goal of 80% test coverage.
    • Better ES6 interoperability - Add the ability to "import GmApplication" into a React project.
  • Ability to use MVT and a Style URL to render a basemap layer.


Target Release: December 2017

  • Settle on a logging framework.
  • Fix some interaction rough spots:
    • Upload dialog does not report failures or feature counts.
    • Make buttons/styles more touch friendly in desktop application
  • Select, identify, filter on type=geojson map sources.
  • Fine tuning some interface aspects. Matching highlight in the table and on the map (and maybe the sidebar) could be slick. Click vs hover might be nice too.


Target Release: Immediate

  • Bug Fixes as available.