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Geomstats Robotics Application

This is a simulation and controller of a robot to use with geomstats application It uses gazebo for the simulation and Stanford Robotics Lab software for the control part.

The application runs a simulation and controller of a KUKA IIWA14 robot. The controller is an operational space position and orientation controller at the end effector of the robot with a nullspace pose task that keeps the elbow up.

The controller reads the desired position and orientation from a redis server, populated by geomstat applications


This application depends on:

  • c++ compiler, cmake [brew, apt-get]
  • geomstats: pip3 install geomstats
  • Gazebo versions 7 to 9
  • sai2-model: Install from dependencies/sai2-model
  • sai2-urdfreader: Install from dependencies/sai2-urdfreader
  • redis: Redis server [brew install redis, apt-get install redis]
  • hiredis: Redis minimalist client [brew install hiredis, apt-get install ]
  • eigen3: Linear algebra [brew, apt-get]
  • redis for python3 : pip3 install redis

Build instructions

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. && make -j2


  • First, make sure the redis server is running. To run it type in a terminal
  • Second, run the simulation and the controller using the provided script
  • Third, run the python script
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