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Computations and statistics on manifolds with geometric structures.
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Computations and statistics on manifolds with geometric structures.

  • To get started with geomstats, see the examples directory.
  • For more in-depth applications of geomstats, see the applications repository.
  • The documentation of geomstats can be found on the documentation website.
  • If you find geomstats useful, please kindly cite our paper.
  • Next hackathon in January 2020, Europe. Contact Nicolas Guigui or Nina Miolane if interested!


OS X & Linux:

pip3 install geomstats

Running tests

pip3 install nose2

Getting started

Define your backend by setting the environment variable GEOMSTATS_BACKEND to numpy, tensorflow, or pytorch:


Then, run example scripts:

python3 examples/


See our file!

Authors & Contributors

  • Alice Le Brigant
  • Claire Donnat
  • Oleg Kachan
  • Benjamin Hou
  • Johan Mathe
  • Nina Miolane
  • Xavier Pennec


This work is partially supported by the National Science Foundation, grant NSF DMS RTG 1501767.

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