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ninamiolane committed Sep 6, 2019
2 parents 0ab45ec + a0705ed commit e786bd606532cce887acf5d4d7adf5630f8b241f
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@@ -7,7 +7,8 @@ Computations and statistics on manifolds with geometric structures.
- To get started with ```geomstats```, see the [examples directory](
- For more in-depth applications of ``geomstats``, see the [applications repository](
- The documentation of ```geomstats``` can be found on the [documentation website](
- If you use ``geomstats``, please kindly cite our [paper](
- If you find ``geomstats`` useful, please kindly cite our [paper](
- Next hackathon in January 2020, Europe. Contact Nicolas Guigui or Nina Miolane if interested!

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