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[submodule "web-ui/src/main/resources/catalog/lib/style/bootstrap"]
path = web-ui/src/main/resources/catalog/lib/style/bootstrap
url =
[submodule "web-ui/src/main/resources/catalog/lib/style/font-awesome"]
path = web-ui/src/main/resources/catalog/lib/style/font-awesome
url =
[submodule "web-ui/src/main/resources/catalog/lib/bootstrap-table"]
path = web-ui/src/main/resources/catalog/lib/bootstrap-table
url =
[submodule "docs/manuals"]
path = docs/manuals
url =
[submodule "schemas/iso19115-3.2018"]
path = schemas/iso19115-3.2018
url =
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