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GeoNetwork test build

Based on selenium-cucumber

Running test

Go to your project directory from terminal and hit following command

  • With Chrome

mvn test -Dbrowser=chrome -DendPointToTest=http://localhost:8080/geonetwork

  • With phantomJS

mvn test -Dbrowser=phantomjs -Dphantomjs.binary.path=$DRIVERS_BIN/phantomjs -DendPointToTest=http://localhost:8080/geonetwork

  • The url to test could by defined in src/test/resources/ by changing the property endPointToTest.url or provided to the mvn command with the parameter -DendPointToTest=YOUR_URL

  • By default the mvn command run all the test in the folder src/test/resources/features. To specify a different folder use the parameter -Dcucumber.options="your path"

  • To specify a path for the reports use the option -Dcucumber.options="--plugin html:./report in case you need to specify your path, the path must go after -Dcucumber.options="--plugin html:./report your path

PhantomJS driver

The purpose of this software it's to run automated tests after builds, so it's used the phantomJS driver.

The right binary could be downloaded from here.

Gecko driver

If you want to see the running tests on firefox you can also use a geckodriver by running the mvn command with the parameters:

mvn test -Dbrowser=firefox -Dwebdriver.gecko.driver=$DRIVERS_BIN/geckodriver

Download the geckodriver from here

Chrome driver

Download Chrome driver from here.

Writing a test

The cucumber features goes in the features library and should have the ".feature" extension.

The filename of each test follows these conventions:


Where W is the group test id and XX is the test unique numeric identifier in the group. The tests are executed in ascending order on the value of WXX.

WXX is assigned following this basic rules:

  • XX value is a numeric value between 01 and 97 not used by any other test.
  • A test XX comes after a YY if the data created with YY is necessary for XX.
  • The data changes introduced with XX must not corrupt any test YY > XX.
  • A new group W is created when the previous one is full or when special conditions on data are needed.
  • The data created with XX must be removed in the 98 test following the descending order in id numeration.

The last two tests for each group W are:

W98.cleanup.feature that removes all the data created from the tests in the group. It's important to keep the database clean for other groups of tests. W99.exit.feature closes the browser.

A test should be written following these conventions:

  • The feature section is the extended human readable description of the test.
  • The scenario section describes the steps involved in the test and the data produced.
  • Avoid absolute urls and admin credentials in tests (use variables {endPointToTest}, {adminUser}, {adminPassword}).
  • It's always recommended , to write resilient tests, to use css identifiers over others systems (xpath, classes). Consider to eventually introduce new ones in GN code.
  • The data created must be removed in the 98 test following the descending order in id numeration.
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