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Module Purpose

Web Resources Optimizer for Java (WRO4J) is used by Geonetwork for javascript and css minification. This module has several customization to the out-of-the-box implementation. A few customizations are:

  • Custom Wro Model Factory
  • The factory uses a custom xml model file called wro-sources.xml which is based on the wro-sources.xsd schema. The documentation for writing the xml file is in the xsd file.
  • This custom factory allows the javascript files and dependencies to be declared in the file using goog.provide and goog.require declarations (see In WRO4J lingo, all requireJsSources javascript files found (see requireJsSourceType in wro-sources.xsd) are parsed for goog.provide and goog.require files. The dependencies of each javascript file will be included in the WRO4J group. All dependencies and the javascript file will be minified together as one group and the dependency order will be maintained.
  • The factory will create a closure_deps.js file which is needed by closure base.js for determining which javascript files to load. This is used when in debug mode.
  • The model factory also allows an explicit ordering of javascript files when that is required.
  • Finally the model factory allows wro-sources.xml files to be included in a root wro-sources.xml file. This allows the wro-sources.xml to be kept in the module it applies to and just be included from the web-app module.
  • A Less Compiler that can handle both css and less files.
  • A Processor that removes goog.provide and goog.require (because they are not needed in the minified javascript because all dependencies are included)
  • Other support classes for Wro Model Factory are included in this module (like ClosureDependencyUriLocator)

Wro4j Configuration Files

  • wro-sources.xml - Declares the javascript and css groups. The wro-sources.xsd contains information on how to write such a file. At the time of this writing there is a root wro-sources.xml file in web/src/main/webResources/WEB-INF/wro-sources.xml which includes:
    • web-ui/src/main/resources/web-ui-wro-sources.xml
  • - The wro configuration. See for the list and description of properties in the file.
  • web/pom.xml - This file contains build/plugins/plugin plugin for wro4j which runs the minification and some minor checks on the wro4j configuration during a build. The intention is to catch any major configuration errors at build time.
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