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Openlayers migration codesprint December 2019

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This sprint will focus on 2 topics. First move to latest OpenLayers version and continue the work on ElasticSearch migration.



Monday 2 to Friday 6 December 2019


  • Florent Gravin
  • Olivier Guyot
  • Christophe Mangeat
  • Francois Prunayre
  • Michel Gabriël
  • Anyone else ?


Openlayers update

Elasticsearch migration

Work summary

OpenLayers update

ES update


The following organizations have provided funding or in-kind contributions towards this activity.

  • EEA
  • Ifremer
  • camptocamp
  • titellus
  • GeoCat
  • OSGeo
  • OSGeo-UK

If you are interested in financially supporting this activity via OSGeoo: PayPal Donation or Sponsorship is appropriate. The OSGeo treasurer can provide invoice for your records.

Update: We currently are covering 14 days (out of 25)

Sprint Budget

Sprint budget is required for OSGeo Code Sprint funding request:

  • Venue: Venue is being contributed in-kind
  • Sprint Catering / Group Meal: 250 EUR - 4 days * 5 attendees * 25 EUR
  • Accommodation: billeting is being provided
  • Travel/Logistics: 250 EUR

GeoNetwork PSC requests 500 EUR towards this activity.