Use iso19110 in GetFeatureinfo response visualisation

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Date 2017-05-19 Contacts Paul van Genuchten
Status Ongoing Release 3.4.0
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Funding Waterboard Hunze en Aa's


The idea is to improve the WMS GetFeatureinfo visualisation. If available use the iso19110 feature catalog information to display an attribute label and definition for the fieldname as available in the getfeatureinfo response.

Technical Details:

When a GetFeatureinfo is performed, first retrieve the relevant dataset metadata and attached feature catalog metadata for the relevant layers, then use that information in the display in the featureinfo result.

To retrieve the metadata relevant to a layer; check the layer-metadataurl in capabilities, extract uuid, find metadata by uuid in catalog.

Additionally a link to supplemental information could be stored and displayed for each attribute. We suggest to introduce the gfc:code property in the feature catalog editor and facilitate to fill it with a url (either or not using gmx:anchor?). If this property is available it will be displayed as a link on the attribute.

Proposal Type:

  • Type: feature
  • Module: UI, iso19110 schema-plugin

Voting History


  • Jose García
  • Antonio Cercielo
  • Paul van Genuchten
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