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Project documentation module

Documentation for GeoNetwork Opensource available via This manual is included in each build in the docs folder as a git submodule.

This documentation is supports open access using a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0).

GeoNetwork Logo

Writing Guide

Check the "Writing documentation" guide.


To quickly build the English docs:

make html_eng

A build of the documentation (defaulting to English and French):

mvn package

The latest Maven profile updates the translations from Transifex (this will take some time).

mvn generate-resources -Platest

These can be be used together:

mvn package -Platest

To use all languages:

mvn package -Platest -Pall

A subset of languages (for example: English, French and Spanish):

mvn package -Platest -Dlangs='"en" "fr" "es"' -Dtranslations='en,fr,es'

Before you start

The Maven build above makes use of the Transifex command line client tx:

Prior to use you will need to generate and API key:

If you have never used tx before you will need to run it once interactively to install the API key:

tx pull --language='fr'
[?] Enter your api token:

Another option is to generate manually the file ~/.transifexrc including your API token:

api_hostname =
hostname =
username = api