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Generate prime numbers whose binary representation looks like any image
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Inspired by this: Does there exist a prime number whose representation on a phone screen looks like a giraffe?


Access it here

Primg has made it to Hacker News' front page! :)

Update: now you can share URLs by appending the decimal number after the hash on the URL (you lose the image tough). For example, this is a prime dog: Thanks for jchavannes and fovc from Hacker News for sharing ideas on this feature.


  • find a way to update the DOM while doing heavy processing solved: Web Workers to the rescue
  • use a more clever way (maybe histograms stuff) to find the threshold number now using average of image
  • make it faster (currently takes minutes) "solved" by reducing canvas size from 50x50 to 32x32
  • make it prettier
  • make code cleaner
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