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REDHAWK SDR Layer for Yocto/OpenEmbedded -based deployments
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Meta-REDHAWK-SDR is an actively-maintained set of Yocto/Open-Embedded recipes for the REDHAWK SDR framework, its dependencies, GPP, other example Devices, all shared libraries (softpkg), and all but 1 CPP Component (DataConvert requires SSE).

NOTE: The most recent version of Yocto tested with this layer is Rocko, 2.4.1.

This repository, along with the base Yocto framework will enable you to build the REDHAWK SDR framework for any hardware platform in which a Board Support Package is available. We at Geon have successfully used this layer on a variety of Zynq targets including:

Note: Only the presently-tagged version is supported by this repository, however we can support some earlier versions if required. Please contact us through our website if this is a need.

Is my hardware supported?

The Yocto website provides a list of Official BSPs which include common hardware platforms like the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, BeagleBone, NUC, Intel Atom, etc.

There are plenty of BSPs floating around for other hardware platforms so do some searching before you write your own.

Use the Pyro branch/version as your starting point for searching since it is the most recent version of Yocto that Geon has actively tested this layer against.

Getting Started

Learning By Example

The most straight-forward installation is to use Google's repo and a manifest. Complete instructions and our manifest can be found here. The instructions amount to a handful of terminal commands that setup a known-good build as a starting point.

Alternatively, you can clone this layer into your own Yocto source tree:

cd <your work director where other meta* are loaded>
git clone git://

Then edit your build/conf/bblayers.conf to include a reference to meta-redhawk-sdr at the end of the list. See our meta-redhawk-sdr/conf/bblayers.conf.sample as an example.

Note: The processor architecture is set to armv7l by default. If you need a different processor architecture, set the REDHAWK_PROCESSOR variable in your build/conf/local.conf.

Finishing the Build

In the contrib/scripts folder is the script, a derivative of a script from Philip Balister (@balister) of Ettus Research who included it with their meta-sdr. The script uses wic to build a single image file that can be directly copied to an SD card (dd) resulting in the appropriate partitions, etc., based on the associated wks file.

To use it, link this script into your build directory, set it to executable, and specify the BUILD_IMAGE and MACHINE environment variables (e.g., qemuarm and redhawk-gpp-image). Then running this script will go through the whole bitbake process for you, automated.

Additional Resources

Yocto Mega Manual

Bitbake cheatsheet

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