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This is a minor release that does not add any new user functionality but switches the backend of tile providers from the original built-in one to that provided by XYZservices. In addition, the following changes and fixes are included:

  • More documentation for the Place API (#180, thanks to @chrstnbwnkl )
  • Update docs website to render it fully functional (#175, thanks to @jorisvandenbossche )
  • Update of tests to accommodate changes in Stament tiles
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This is a release adds functionality for overlay tiles that have transparency (e.g. to add labels only) and includes a few bug fixes along the way.

New functionality:

  • Map tile overlays (#114): see new section added to documentation for the feature. This feature was contributed by @jpn-- (thanks!)

Bug fixes:

  • Documentation website bug fixed so side bar navigation is visible #168
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Small bug fix release:

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This is the 1.0 release, bringing a stable API to the library and a first set of basic functionality available to end users.

Besides all the changes introduced initially in the previous two release candidates (rc1 and rc2), the following features have been added:

  • Support for memory-efficient, window-based reading from local files (#86).
  • The url keyword is deprecated in favor of source (#90, #125).
  • The zoom level is now validated if the minimum and maximum zoom of the provider is known (#108).
  • Optionally set cache directory to a permanent directory with set_cache_dir (#106).

The project has also graduated from an individual account (darribas) to an organisational one, kindly hosted by the geopandas project:

This is to better reflect the broader community involved in the development of the project, as well as to increase its visibility. Issues and Pull Requests should be directed at contextily's new home.


A new documentation site has been created and made available at:


You can install contextily through pip:

pip install contextily

Or conda:

conda install -c conda-forge contextily


A full list of contributors to the project is available here.

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This release brings a lot of new functionality in preparation for 1.0 that we want to make available before fully releasing. This includes:

  • In-session local caching with joblib (#85, #53)
  • New providers infrastructure (#91, #66)
  • Tile warping so maps can be expressed in CRSs other than Web Mercator (#49)

And other minor additions:

  • [API BREAK] add_basemap now returns None instead of the ax passed (#92)
  • Dropping cartopy as dependency (#50)
  • Use of standard tile URLs (#73)
  • Attribution text wrapping (#94, #95, #96) and optional font size (#76)
  • Move codebase to black style (#87)

Install through pip:

pip install contextily==1.0rc2

Or conda:

conda install -c conda-forge contextily==1.0rc2
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This release includes the following changes and improvements:

  • Map search and Places API provided by @choldgraf
  • Refactoring of code to incorporate Places API
  • Fix of a bug that precluded rasterio/numpy to work properly with an updated version of the library
  • Drop of support for Python 3.4

The release is available to install on pip:

pip install -U contextily

And on conda, using the conda-forge channel (thanks to @ocefpaf!):

conda install -c conda-forge contextily

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This is the initial release of contextily. Basic functionality includes:

  • Download and integrate tile maps on-the-fly with bounds2img.
  • Download and save tile maps into raster files (GeoTIFF) with bounds2raster.
  • Check for the required number of tiles with howmany.
  • Support for all of Stamen's tiles.


Make sure the dependencies are installed and then run:

pip install contextily