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This repository contains the complete code of the android app geopaparazzi.

Notes on the file structure

  • contains the app, but is only a very small wrapper that extends the real application activity inside geopaparazzi_core. This is what you want to change to brand your own geopaparazzi app. Just change the colors, icon and style.
  • geopaparazzi_core contains the geopaparazzi application logic.
  • geopaparazzilibrary contains the reusable generic geopaparazzi android code.
  • geopaparazzimapsforge contains the main mapsforge parts used.
  • geopaparazzimarkerslib contains the markers app used for the sketches.
  • geopaparazzispatialitelibrary contains the spatialite support part.

The WMS Nasa World Wind module

The WMS NWW module is kept in a a different repository and added to the build as a git submodule.

So the cloning of the repo to work with should be done through:

git clone --recursive and then build the package.