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A Salt Setup for a LAMP System Using Vagrant
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This repo contains the bare minimum to get started using disposable development environments through Vagrant and the provisioning services provided by SaltStack to build a LAMP stack.


In order to use this you need to have Vagrant installed.

Since 1.3, Vagrant has had native Salt support. If you're running an older version of Vagrant for some reason, you'll need to have the Salty Vagrant plugin installed.

Once you have Vagrant installed, installing the Salty Vagrant plugin is as simple as running $ vagrant plugin install vagrant-salt from the commandline.


To provision your Vagrant LAMP server, clone this repo and run $ vagrant up in the same directory.

Salt will install the most current versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL. Vagrant will open up port 8080. Salt will also install a full version of Vim on your server to allow for editing.

Please Note

This provisioning currently installs MySQL without a root user password.

This provisioning allows for you to make changes to the /salt/roots/salt/apache2.conf file and will permeate that through to your server with a $ salt-call state.highstate on your guest machine.

Lastly, I have found that the salt.run_highstate = true configuration in the Vagrantfile occasionally hangs. If this happens, ctrl-c during this part of the Vagrant build process and run:

$ vagrant ssh
$ salt-call state.highstate

to be sure that your guest machine has indeed run the Salt provisioning process.

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