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module Y2016.M06.D20.Exercise where
SO! My daughter is working on solving quadratic equations, so, GUESS WHAT WE'RE
Just guess.
So, the standard form of the quadratic equation is:
ax^2 + bx + c = 0
And is solved with:
x = (-b +/- sqrt (b^2 - 4ac)) / 2a
Now we have complex number problems here and multiple solutions problems here,
but, eh! That's why you're coders. If we had no problems, you'd be painting
still lifes of daisies or eggplants.
So, you're welcome!
GIVEN: a set of quadratic equations, represent them in standard form (I guess)
(I mean, if that helps you), and then solve each equation for all solutions.
data QuadraticEq = SomeWeirdFormYouDefine
solver :: QuadraticEq -> [Float]
solver = undefined
-- the equations are given as (a, b, c) in of the standard quadratic equations
equs :: [(Float, Float, Float)]
equs = [(6,7,-3), (10, -1, -2), (4,3,-27), (15,-26,-21), (21,-12,1), (8,25,13)]
-- these equations are from for quadratic equations
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