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module Y2016.M06.D23.Exercise where
import Control.Scan.CSV
import Data.Graphics.SVG
import Data.XHTML
You have a CSV-file TWTR-smas.csv located at this director or at the URL:
that contains the Simple Moving Averages (SMA) and closing prices for
TWTR (Twitter) for the last three months.
Using whatever approach you like, chart these data. A sample output may look
something like the tweet referred to here:
Chart the result (as whatever: SVG or D3 or what have you) and show your result
chart :: FilePath -> IO ()
chart file = undefined
-- hint: Control.Scan.CSV has a function to read in a row of CSV.
-- hint: Data.Graphics.SVG has a line function
-- hint: We looked at drawing candlesticks in a grid last week
{-- BONUS --------------------------------------------------------------------
What? You want more?
There is also the file TWTR-emas.csv at this directory or at the URL:
Chart that.
Context: Stock analysis oftentimes uses multiple technical indicators (in this
case the EMA12 ('Exponential Moving Average, 12 day') and EMA26 to provide hints
on a stock's trend, momentum, volitility. The SMAs and EMAs are usually used
for trending, and when the indicators cross each other, that signifies to a
potential buyer a shift in trend.
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