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module Y2016.M06.D24.Exercise where
import Control.Scan.CSV
import Data.Graphics.SVG
import Data.XHTML
The name of the game today is charting (again) but this time we'll look at
the stochastic oscillators of a security.
Using the data set included at this directory and at the URL:
chart the stochastic oscillators of the TWTR historical stock prices.
chartKDs :: FilePath -> IO ()
chartKDs = undefined
-- Same hints here as for yesterday's exercise
{-- BONUS ----------- No ... wait .. -----------------------------------------
'Bonus' is from the Latin: Good. Bonus now means: "extra credit problem that's
harder.' But what if the following problem is easier? What is the opposite of
'Malus,' obviously.
-- MALUS --------------------------------------------------------------------
From yesterday's problem and the problem set at 2016-06-16 on candlestick
charting, generate these charts then pull them all together into an HTML
report something like:
TWTR Analysis
Historical prices
TWTR Stochastic Oscillators
So, yeah: 'malus.'
type Security = String
stockReport :: Security -> IO ()
stockReport = undefined
-- hint: the name of the security gives the filenames of the analyses
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