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module Y2016.M06.D28.Solution where
import System.Directory (doesFileExist)
import System.Environment (getArgs)
import System.Exit
Fortunately, the Glorious Glasgo Haskell Compiler library-set provides this
functionality for us, so we must simply use it.
buhbai :: Bool -> ExitCode
buhbai True = ExitSuccess
buhbai False = ExitFailure 4
main = getArgs >>= doesFileExist . head >>= exitWith . buhbai
-- Schnitzengruben.txt is at this directory and at the URL:
Okay, after some digging:
geophf:HAD geophf$ ghc -main-is Y2016.M06.D28.Solution Y2016/M06/D28/Solution.hs -o filechk
[1 of 1] Compiling Y2016.M06.D28.Solution ( Y2016/M06/D28/Solution.hs, Y2016/M06/D28/Solution.o ) [flags changed]
Linking filechk ...
And then (again, after some digging):
geophf:HAD geophf$ ./filechk Y2016/M06/D28/Schnitzengruben.txt
geophf:HAD geophf$ echo $?
geophf:HAD geophf$ ./filechk Y2016/M06/D28/Shatzie.txt
geophf:HAD geophf$ echo $?
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