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module Y2016.M06.D29.Solution where
import Control.Arrow ((>>>), (&&&))
import Control.Scan.CSV
ID|Count|Some other stupid number|Code|Description
based on the Code value.
The Code values are G, B, I, W, D
For the values "G" and "I" write the output as ABC-VALID-97.txt
values write out the file as XYZ-INVALID-22.txt
dispatcher :: FilePath -> IO ()
dispatcher input = readFile input >>=
uncurry writeFile . (filename . code . decodeMCP &&& id)
-- goodie.txt
-- baddie.txt
data Code = G | B | I | W | D deriving (Show, Read)
data MCP = Master { idx, count, num :: Int, code :: Code, descr :: String }
deriving Show
decodeMCP :: String -> MCP
decodeMCP = rend '|' >>> \[i,cnt,n,cd,d] ->
Master (read i) (read cnt) (read n) (read cd) d
filename :: Code -> FilePath
filename G = "ABC-VALID-97.txt"
filename I = "ABC-VALID-97.txt"
filename _ = "XYZ-INVALID-22.txt" -- I'm feeling very Prolog-y today
So, a program run looks like this:
geophf:HAD geophf$ cd Y2016/M06/D29
geophf:D29 geophf$ ls
Exercise.hs Solution.hs baddie.txt goodie.txt
(no output files)
geophf:D29 geophf$ ghci Solution.hs
*Y2016.M06.D29.Solution> dispatcher "goodie.txt"
geophf:D29 geophf$ ls
ABC-VALID-97.txt Solution.hs goodie.txt
Exercise.hs baddie.txt
There's our valid output
Okay, let's remove that output and run again with baddie.txt:
geophf:D29 geophf$ rm ABC-VALID-97.txt
geophf:D29 geophf$ ghci Solution.hs
*Y2016.M06.D29.Solution> dispatcher "baddie.txt"
geophf:D29 geophf$ ls
Exercise.hs XYZ-INVALID-22.txt goodie.txt
Solution.hs baddie.txt
And there's our invalid output file.
Two weeks in javer to develop this solution on a Big Gov't project, smh.
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