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module Y2016.M07.D04.Exercise where
import Text.HTML.TagSoup
The name of the game for today's Haskell exercise is report generation.
You have the jUnit test case run-off as XML at Y2016/M07/D01/ and here:
You want to generate a report of this scheme:
-- REPORT ----------------------------------------------------------------
Test Case Overview: $testrun/@project
Total Tests: $testrun/@tests
Total Started: $testrun/@started
Total Passed: $testrun/@started - @failures - @errors - @ignored
Total Failures: $testrun/@failures
Total Errors: $testrun/@errors
Total Ignored: $testrun/@ignored
All unit test cases passed.
-- END-REPORT ------------------------------------------------------------
(that is, IF all the unit test cases passed. If they don't then, of course,
fire the developers, because it's all their fault.)
(I joke)
(Unless I'm a manager)
Write a haskell function that from the jUnit XML generates the above report.
reportTestSummary :: FilePath -> IO ()
reportTestSummary = undefined
-- Hint: parsing the XML may be easy(er?) with TagSoup or another XML parser
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