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module Y2016.M07.D05.Solution where
import Control.Monad.State
import Data.List (intercalate)
import qualified Data.Set as Set
import Control.Scan.CSV
import Data.SymbolTable
import Data.SymbolTable.Decompiler
import Text.HTML.TagSoup
-- convert every name and classname to an encoded value and then save out the
-- result as the same XML structure.
encodeXMLnames :: FilePath -> IO ()
encodeXMLnames file = readFile file >>= \junits ->
let tags = parseTags junits
fromsyms = createSyms tags
newtags = map (changeNames fromsyms) tags
in putStrLn (renderTags newtags)
changeNames :: SymbolTable -> Tag String -> Tag String
changeNames from t =
(if isTagOpen t then substNames from (('S':) . show) else id) t
-- first we need to extract all names (name, classname, project) and load them
-- into a symbol table:
let syms = execState (mapM_ encodeQname . concat . ([fromAttrib] <*> ["name", "classname", "project"] <*>) . filter isTagOpen $ parseTags html) empty
in pure syms
-- do this for test.xml in this directory
{-- Okay the structure is
testrun name project tests started failures errors ignored
testsuite (name) time
testcase (name) (classname) time
testcase ...
testsuite (name) time
testcase ...
where testsuite name is and so is classname
So, actually, a better way to go about this is to rend all the qnames, put them
into a set and then symbol-table-ize those values, instead of querying the
symbol table at each qualifying name.
createSyms :: [Tag String] -> SymbolTable
createSyms tags =
let opentags = filter isTagOpen tags -- (parseTags html)
qnames = [fromAttrib] <*> replacers <*> opentags
qualifers = Set.fromList (concatMap (rend '.') qnames)
in execState (mapM_ fromEnumS (Set.toList qualifers)) empty
lookupNames :: Tag String -> [String]
lookupNames = ([fromAttrib] <*> ["name","classname","project"] <*>) . pure
Okay, we have the tags, we have the symbols, now we need to one-for-one replace
the qnames with some encoding
replacers :: [String]
replacers = ["name","classname","project"]
type ReplaceF a = SymbolTable -> (Int -> String) -> a -> a
type Attr = Attribute String
substNames :: ReplaceF (Tag String)
substNames syms f (TagOpen n attrs) =
TagOpen n (map (replaceAttrib syms f) attrs)
-- for each of the qname-attributes we need to rend the name and replace it
-- with the new name
replaceAttrib :: ReplaceF Attr
replaceAttrib syms f (x,y) =
(x, (if x `elem` replacers
then intercalate "." . map (f . intVal syms) . rend '.' else id) y)
*Y2016.M07.D05.Solution> encodeXMLnames "Y2016/M07/D01/test.xml"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<testrun name="S9.S6" project="S0" tests="22" started="22" failures="0" errors="0" ignored="0">
<testsuite name="S5.S7.S4.S32.S8.S1" time="0.0">
<testcase name="S24" classname="S5.S7.S4.S32.S8.S1" time="0.0"></testcase>
<testcase name="S23.S33" classname="S5.S7.S4.S32.S8.S1" time="0.0"></testcase>
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