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module Y2016.M07.D06.Solution where
import Control.Monad.State (execState)
import Data.Char (isAlpha, toUpper)
import qualified Data.Set as Set
import Data.SymbolTable
import Data.SymbolTable.Compiler
import Network.HTTP
Pride and Prejudice.
Extract ONLY the words from that file and load them all into a SymbolTable.
Note: 'wife.' is not a word but 'wife' (no period or 'full stop') IS.
type Novel = String
prideAsSymbols :: FilePath -> IO SymbolTable
prideAsSymbols = fmap wordsOnly . fetchURL
fetchURL :: FilePath -> IO String
fetchURL url = simpleHTTP (getRequest url) >>= getResponseBody
wordsOnly :: Novel -> SymbolTable
wordsOnly = (`execState` empty) . mapM_ fromEnumS
. Set.toList . Set.fromList . map regularize . words
regularize :: String -> String
regularize = map toUpper . filter isAlpha
*Y2016.M07.D06.Solution> prideAsSymbols "" ~> syms
*Y2016.M07.D06.Solution> top syms ~> 7017
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
Save out the symbol-table you've created as its own module.
Hint: Data.SymbolTable.Compiler may help here
compilePnP :: DataTypeName -> FilePath -> SymbolTable -> IO ()
compilePnP = compile
*Y2016.M07.D06.Solution> compile "ElizabethanEnglish" "Y2016.M07.D06.PrideAndPrejudice" syms
You can see the results saved in this directory
Or, let's take a look ourselves here:
geophf:HAD geophf$ ghci Y2016/M07/D06/PrideAndPrejudice.hs
*Y2016.M07.D06.PrideAndPrejudice> S101 ~> ACTIVITY
*Y2016.M07.D06.PrideAndPrejudice> S7007 ~> YOUNGER
Sweet! We now have our own symbol-table of 7k+words/symbols!
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