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module Y2016.M07.D21.Exercise where
So, yesterday, we were able to translate the figure with its points and line
segments into a graph (à la Graph Theory) and make queries against that graph.
I left part of the exercise unfinished yesterday in that we have a graph
and, from that, we know paths of vertices, but vertices are not the points.
When I ask: "What is the path from points a to c?"
I'm expecting an answer: "abgc"
What I am not expecting is a Forest of Vertex-values, but that's what I got,
and decoding those is a bear.
Today's Haskell exercise:
Decode a Forest of Vertex values back to the labels of the points of the
figure so that a path query makes sense to humble human creatures: the "wetware"
import Data.Graph
import Y2016.M07.D20.Solution
import Y2016.M07.D19.Exercise (figure2)
you can get a Graph-Figure of figure from:
*Y2016.M07.D21.Exercise> let (gr,fnPt,fnVertM) = graphit figure2 lineSegments
pathing :: Figure -> Char -> Char -> String
pathing fig start end = undefined
-- What is _a_ pathing from 'a' to 'c'?
-- Hint: Data.Graph.dfs gr [0] is the Forest of Vertex-values from 0, and
-- we know 0 is the Vertex for 'a', because fnPt 0 ~> ((0.0,0.0),'a',"bjf")
-- What is _a_ path from 'b' to 't'?
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