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module Y2016.M08.D19.Exercise where
import Data.Aeson
import Data.Set (Set)
import Data.MultiMap (MultiMap)
import Data.Twitter
import Graph.JSON.Cypher.Read.Graphs
import Graph.JSON.Cypher.Read.Tweets
import Y2016.M08.D15.Exercise (twitterGraphUrl)
So, yesterday we extracted URLs from twitter graph-JSON.
Today we'll extract users, or, in twitter-parlance: tweeps.
From the twitter graph-data at twitterGraphUrl, extract the users. The user
node data has the following structure:
Reify these data into a Haskell-type
data User = YourRepresentationOfATwitterUser
instance FromJSON User where
parseJSON = undefined
readTwitterUsers :: FilePath -> IO [User]
readTwitterUsers = undefined
-- recall that readGraphJSON twitterGraphUrl gets us the twitter data
-- How many unique users are found in this data-set?
uniqueUsers :: [GraphJ] -> Set User
uniqueUsers = undefined
-- hint: define uniqueUsers to define readTwitterUsers
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
From Read.Tweets we can get [GraphJ] of the nodes and relations. Answer the
What is the distribution of tweets to users?
userTweets :: [GraphJ] -> MultiMap User (Tweet String) (Set (Tweet String))
userTweets = undefined
-- hint: recall that we related tweets to ids in Y2016.M08.D17.Exercise
-- hint: recall we extracted a set of unique tweets from graph-JSON in
-- Graph.JSON.Cypher.Read.Tweets
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