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module Y2016.M08.D25.Exercise where
import Data.Map (Map)
import Data.Time
import Data.Monetary.Currency
import Data.Monetary.USD
So we've looked at graphing twitter data, and there's more to mine, given that gives you analytics on your tweets upon request.
We'll look at that another day.
Today: bitcoin.
I've downloaded the historical price of bitcoin vs. USD from
The CSV-file downloaded contains multiple exchanges but let's focus on the
last column 'others' that has the longest history.
The bitcoin price-history is at this directory and available at the URL:
type BitCoinPrices = Map Day USD
readBitcoinPriceHistory :: FilePath -> IO BitCoinPrices
readBitcoinPriceHistory = undefined
Bitcoin is bitcoin, but it does have a value to the outside world as well.
So, if you had bought 100 bitcoin,
1. 5 years ago, what would be their value today?
2. Same question, but 2 years ago?
3. Same question, but a year ago?
data BitCoin = BTC Rational
deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
instance Currency BitCoin where
value = undefined
lump :: BitCoinPrices -> BitCoin -> Day -> USD
lump prices coins purchaseDate = undefined -- gives the value in USD 'today'
-- where 'today' is the most recent day in BitCoinPrices
Okay, instead, we buy $100.00 of bitcoin every month, starting from:
1. 5 years ago, or
2. 2 years ago, or
3. last year
How many bitcoins do you have today? What is their value today?
monthly :: BitCoinPrices -> USD -> Day -> BitCoin
monthly prices monthlyinvestment startingdate = undefined
priceUSD :: BitCoinPrices -> Day -> BitCoin -> USD
priceUSD prices fordate ncoins = undefined
-- pricesUSD gives the USD-price of bitcoin you have on fordate
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