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module Y2016.M09.D16.Exercise where
-- below module is available from 1HaskellADay git repository
import Data.Matrix
Here's a Sudoku with a word-twist.
The below puzzle contains the word BINOCULAR in each row, column, and in each
nonent (9 cells) with centers at
nonentCenters :: [(Int, Int)]
nonentCenters = [(r,c) | r <- centers, c <- centers]
where centers = [2,5,8]
-- So, a nonent is the cells with a nonent-center (above) and the eight cells
-- encircling that nonent-center. Define a nonent algorithmically:
nonent :: (Int, Int) -> [(Int, Int)]
nonent center = undefined
-- gives the cell indices of the nonent, including the given center index
-- Okay, so here is the BINOCULAR sudoku.
data Letter = Ltr Char
deriving (Eq, Ord)
instance Show Letter where
show (Ltr l) = pure l
binocularPuzzle :: Matrix Letter
binocularPuzzle =
(map (map Ltr) ["AU O C "," RI U"," I U NB "," UR I C ","IC RN",
" N U CL "," AI O ","B UI "," C L UO"])
*Y2016.M09.D16.Exercise> pprint binocularPuzzle ~>
Matrix 9x9
| A U O C |
| R I U |
| I U N B |
| U R I C |
| I C R N |
| N U C L |
| A I O |
| B U I |
| C L U O |
Solve it by replacing the spaces with the missing letters from the word
word :: [Letter]
word = map Ltr "BINOCULAR"
-- *Y2016.M09.D16.Exercise> word ~> [B,I,N,O,C,U,L,A,R]
-- given the standard rules of sudoku: no letter repeats in a row, column, nor
-- nonent
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
List all 9 letter words with unique letters. BRAGGART isn't one of them, because
it has repeated 'G's.
Hint: use, e.g. on macs: /usr/share/dict/words or some other lexicon to help.
wordsofunique9letters :: [String] -> [String]
wordsofunique9letters = undefined
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